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Business or personal, there are many different styles of photo and video services available.
Because we carefully match the right professional to each client, you know you will always have the right specialist, with the right experience.

Event Photography

At Focusyou, we understand that every image we shoot is not just a picture; it’s a special moment captured forever, a cherished memory, a new sales promotion or even the key to your business success. Understanding the end goal - and going the extra mile to help you achieve it - is just one of the reasons Focusyou stands out from the crowd.

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You already know the impact of that one perfect image Imagine, for a moment, the power of thousands of them - flowing together We don’t just make videos - we make your vision a reality

From commercials to documentaries, fashion shows, conferences and product launches – Focusyou has the experience to bring a fresh, original look to your brand.

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Live Streaming

Bring your audience from anywhere in the world ‘up close and personal’ by live streaming direct to their devices – computer, tablet or phone! Live streaming is about delivering your content in real time. It’s about reaching around the world without leaving the office. Having a presence where you don’t yet have a presence. These events can be special one-off occasions.

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We provide instant prints to the guests within a minute. Guests can pick up the prints from the print station. Photobooth is about delivering your printed photographs within a minute.

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Aerial Filming

Aerial filming has really taken off in recent years as the technology has developed to allow for some truly impressive results. But it’s not just for golf courses and televisions shows – done with skill, aerial filming using the latest drone tech can enhance footage for estate agents, weddings, corporate events, private parties, holidays. With Focusyou, aerial filming is affordable and accessible to all.

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A commercial video productions is a great way to succinctly convey your brand promise and inspire a call to action. Focusyou embraces the art of digital cinema to amplify your message and establish deep emotional connections with your target audience.

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What makes FocusYou unique?

When it comes to producing great quality images and video, we know you have a choice – so we always do more than anyone else can